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Mark Your IG Journey with This Service

This last decade has seen an evolution. The internet has come of age. The world, kicking and screaming, has finally accepted that social sites are the new marketing tools. If you look around you, Big Corporate is aligning itself with social media, if not for anything else the fact that it has no choice. The truth is that it can only get bigger and better. We are in a new age, and so let’s act the part, shall we?

Instagram, popularly known as The Gram, made its splash and became an instant hit, especially with the young generation. Currently, the platform has over 400 million monthly active users scattered all over the world. It has a lot of traffic with at least 80 million photos uploaded daily and 3.5 billion likes per day. The numbers are predicted to grow into the billion realms by 2019. We think it could happen sooner.

Why You Need Help

If you have an IG account, you know how hard it is to bring followers onboard. You could try lots of tricks such as following people, but it not a guarantee that they will follow you back. We know that because we have launched test accounts to see how many people would follow them. We only managed 70 people after a month of ‘hearting’ photos, following people in the hope that they would return the favor, and updating photos furiously.

Unlike Facebook where people have an easier time presenting themselves, this platform needs a form of art. It takes a little longer or people to warm up to them unless you are in their circle. Our service aims to widen your circle of followers and to make you an influencer.

Our web-tool is quite simple to access and use. As noted, it is a web service that does not require you to download anything. Here are the simple steps that will get you up to 1,999 followers in a heartbeat.

Step 1: From the site, scroll to get followers, enter your IG username, then enter the number of followers you need.

Step 2: The site will prompt you to verify your request, which is standard.

Step 3: You will be given three download requests, which are safe and useful.

Step 4: Once you have finished downloading these requests, you will get your selected number of followers. If you keep refreshing, you will see all you new followers. It should not take more than three minutes for all of them to load. Easy enough, right?

You Know Why This Web Service Is the Bomb?

For starters, this web tool is free. You will be hard-pressed to find a service that offers you up to 1,999 free IG followers without charging you a dime. That sets us apart from everyone else. 

This web service will not ask for your credentials. We know that most people (we included) are wary of revealing the information that makes them vulnerable, which is why this service will not require any of that. We only require that you enter your IG username and then proceed.

Our service is safe and user-friendly. We could nit roll this platform out unless we were 100 percent sure that you would have an easy time using it. We have made our interface so user-friendly that you will cruise through it in very little time.

Why Do You Need More Followers On IG?

Social media plays on psychology. When you put yourself out there, people will want to know who follows you. In IG, users will look at your profile and conclude all at once whether to follow you or to dismiss you. Of course, your activity on the site matters a lot, as no one wants to follow people with only two photos and not much else happening.

Nonetheless, the number of followers is the first determinant. They see thousands following you, and they wonder what it is they are missing. Out of curiosity and the fear of missing out, they join the bandwagon. The beauty of IG is that you are not limited to the numbers that can follow you. Ten followers will increase your visibility tenfold, which will bring in more followers. If for every 10 you get 30 new people accessing your account, do the math for the 1,999 free new numbers that we will give you. The possibilities are endless.

We Give You Followers So You Can Attract More

This is the deal. We will give you free followers, and you will keep them coming back to your profile/ site. It is pretty simple; if you keep posting well-crafted videos and magnetic photos, IG highlights your account. It will refer your account to people based on your followers, giving you visibility to a broad audience. Remember that IG is worldwide, and so you can open yourself up to people thousands of miles away from you. The trick, (which you already have mastered because you came seeking our services) is to keep your account active.

A Quick One

Did you know that 10 of the world’s most popular brands are on Instagram? They made their debut more than a year ago, and they have led the way for other big corporations to join the Gram. Adidas, Nike, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Adidas Originals, Christian Louboutin, Prada, Gucci, Dior, and Louis Vuitton are all on Instagram. Lots of businesses have been launched and managed online thanks to the rising platform that is IG. If you needed a harder push to get your followers through our service, then this is it.

Instagram is visual and descriptive, thanks to its video service. They have increased the time so that you can broadcast for a whole 60 seconds from the previous 15. You can upload as many videos and photos as you need to keep your brand visual.

Go ahead and use our user-friendly platform to bring your brand recognition. Remember, our service is free because we want you to take advantage of the uproar that is social media. All top brands are rushing to get their place, and we thought you should too.